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One of the oldest Welsh Mountain Pony studs in Australia, the stud was founded in 1968 with the purchase of a filly from Fairway Stud followed by mares from Nattai, Yoorami, View Bank, Trentlyn, Bolaro, Acheron, Lenson Park and Lykanarro.

The most influential female purchased by Llanfairbryn and the founder of our most successful and dominant line was the imported UK filly Crossways Foxy, a daughter of Coed Coch Shon and out of Foxhunter Titlark by Clan Pip.

We have sourced Coed Coed and Twyford bloodlines to concentrate the blood of Coed Coch Glyndwr and his grandson Clan Pip and we continue to include as much of this blood as possible and to keep the imports up as close as we can. All our Welsh Mountain Ponies have internationally acceptable pedigrees and we have stock in New Zealand and Saudi Arabia.


As so often happens over many years, as we bred and retained what we planned to show and breed on with, we find ourselves in 2021 with just three female families in the stud – those of Crossways Foxy (Imp), Bolaro Oona and Lenson Park Desere.

CROSSWAYS FOXY (IMP) - Coed Coch Shon x Foxhunter Titlark by Clan Pip – 15 descendants

BOLARO OONA – Twyford Noddy (Imp) x Owendale Olive by Fairway Justin – 5 descendants

LENSON PARK DESERE – Menai Silver Sand (Imp) x Acheron Delightful by Bowdler Badger Boy (Imp) – 3 descendants


At Llanfairbryn over the decades we have stood 15 wonderful Mountain Pony stallions, 7 of which were bred by us and all of whom have a special place in our hearts. The stallions, which we owned or leased, which had the greatest influence on our stock and have descendants in the stud in 2021 are -

TWFORD SIZZLE (IMP) – Twyford Puzzle x Twyford Swallow (Imp) by Twyford Guardsman – 17 descendants

COED COCH BEDWYN (IMP) – Coed Coch Pela x Coed Coch Doli (Imp) by Coed Coch Salsbri - 15 descendants

CARDROSS LLEWELLYN (leased) – Coed Coch Gwyndaf (Imp) x Coed Coch Rhadol (Imp) by Coed Coch Barrog – 3 descendants

LLANFAIRBRYN JACK THE LAD –Cardross Llewellyn x Llanfairbryn Foxy by Coed Coch Bedwyn (Imp) – 3 descendants

GLYNYARRA PARK DOULTON – Glynyarra Kristian x Glynyarra Park Duchess by Fron Bach Tywysog Cymru (Imp) – 2 descendants

NATTAI BEDWYN – Twyford Maple (Imp) x Nattai Ragtime by Coed Coch Bari (Imp) – 8 descendants

KINGSWOOD SNOWMAN – Harcourt Snowdon x Coed Coch Myfanwy (Imp) by Coed Coch Salsbri – 2 descendants

ARIELEN MAESTRO – Imperial Mendel x Dalgangle Carrie by Arielen Strauss – 7 descendants


We have also sent mares out to 22 Mountain Pony stallions. The one with 10 descendants remaining in the stud today is Ian and Michele Baker’s highly influential –

GLYNYARRA KRISTIAN – Carlyle Marzipan x Trentlyn Dilys by Hollybush Joker (Imp)


Welsh Mountain Ponies, Welsh Ponies and Welsh Cobs owned and shown by Llanfairbryn have excelled in the show ring as led and performance animals and also proved their worth as breeding stock. Major achievements have been Grand Championships at Royal Melbourne Shows, Supreme Championships at the Victorian Stud Pony Show, Senior and Junior Welsh Mountain Pony of the Year, multiple National Welsh titles, Championships in led,  saddle and harness at Victorian and New South Wales All Welsh Shows, multiple Supreme Championships and Grand Championships and WP&CSofA Foal and Youngstock Shows, Championships at Welsh Feature Shows plus many Agricultural Show Supreme Championships both Welsh and Open.

Stock bred by Llanfairbryn have also excelled in all Australian States and New Zealand with Royal Show Supreme Championships, All Welsh Show Championships and All Welsh Show Supreme Exhibits in Show, State Stud Show Supreme Welsh Exhibit, State and National Championships in harness, Welsh Foal Show Grand Championships etc. etc.

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