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Stud Statuary

Currently not in production

Remaking molds at the moment- hope to be back in production soon....

About Us

Llanfairbyrn Stud Statuary was established in 1989, when we wanted a pair of quality horse heads to adorn our lovely new brick gateposts.  


We commissioned  talented artist, pony breeder and friend Jennifer Gibney, with a good eye for a horse to sculpt a charming and expressive study of a Welsh Pony, the first in the series. 


Since then we have extended the range to five heads.  The Welsh Pony, Arabian, Riding Pony, Thoroughbred and Welsh Cob.


Entirely and individually hand-crafted in Australia, each superb statue is available in a wide variety of superior quality finishes suitable for interior and exterior use.


Each statue is signed, dated and numbered on an engraved plaque, thus ensuring its authenticity in years to come.


This is a unique opportunity to obtain studies by this talented artist who is able to capture so brilliantly the character of the breeds.



Height 33cms 

Width 18cms

Length 42cms

Weight 16kgs

Base- 26 x 15cm



Height 30cms

Width 15cms

Length 42cms

Weight 13kgs

Base-                     cm



Height 26cms

Width 15cms

Length 41cms

Weight 8kgs

Base- 23 x 13cm



Height 27cms

Width 25cms

Length 40cms

Weight 8kgs

Base- 22 x 15cm



Height 24cms

Width 16cms

Length 39cms

Weight 6.5kgs

Base- 26 x 15cm

Antique Stone

Natural stone colour with Antique wash

Single $120               Pair $200


       Satin painted finish in matt black

Single $140                Pair $240

Antique Terracotta

Terracota finish with black overtone wash

Single $140                Pair $240


                  Terracotta clay finish

Single $140               Pair $240

Antique Bronze

     Black finish with bronze highlights

Single $160                Pair $260

Black with Star

Black with Star and gold highlighted base

Single $160                Pair $260


Natural stone colour with sandstone wash

Single $120                 Pair $200

Handpainted Natural

Completely individually handpainted in                   the image of your horse

   Quoted- Prices Start from $195



  • -  Other finishes, colours and wooden plinths available on request.

  • -  Each statue is signed and has a plaque bearing its edition number.

  • -  Please state when ordering if statue is for inside as a felt base can be added.

  • -  Heads sculpted by our talented artist and friend and are copyright.

  • -  When ordering natural full colour statue, please forward clear coloured

    photographs of your horse’s head taken from each side and front on, plus a clear diagram or photograph of any markings on the lower lip or jaw.

Our Statues are used for ....

Garden features
Entrance Ways
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